Dr. Jason M. Williams was born in the City of Passaic, he grew up in the Alfred Speer Village Housing Project and was raised by his maternal grandmother; and the experiences of living in public housing, poverty, and a single-parent home is what led Dr. Jason Williams to his commitment to social justice and the study of criminal justice and law.   

While growing up at Alfred Speer Village he was introduced to the importance of sustained activism by elders in the community on issues involving housing, food, and education insecurities, and he developed an affinity for philosophy and a strong propensity for questioning inequality and the mechanisms that create and sustain social-economic and racial disparities; and after graduating from Passaic High School, he attended New Jersey City University where he earned a BS and MS in Criminal Justice, he credits NJCU with preparing him for a lifelong commitment to both social and academic activism. He later earned his Ph.D. in Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University and thereafter was employed by Fairleigh Dickinson University where he worked for three years and is currently employed by Montclair State University.  

He has published books and articles on race, justice, social control, and social justice.  He recently published a co-edited book titled, Black Males and the Criminal Justice System. Much of his work is grounded in community-based projects around the NY Metro community—and he’s been recognized for this work as he was awarded a Proclamation by the Passaic County Board of Freeholders and received many academic awards for his scholarly contributions.  But he has also gone to places such as Ferguson Missouri, Baltimore Maryland, and others to engage in community-based research around issues of community and police relations and broader justice issues. Dr. Williams is regularly sought for comment by local and national media press around justice issues. When he isn’t in the field researching and engaging in social justice work, he is on the college campus teaching courses on policing, prisoner reentry, social problems, and theory. 

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